Before you apply

The application form is the first step of the process we use to assess you and determines whether we short list you for further assessment. Our decision whether we progress with your application will be based on the information provided within the application form, which we will compare with the job description and person specification.

We will only consider applications which are fully completed, therefore it is very important that you read all the information first to make sure that the job and the conditions are suitable for you, particularly the job and person profile (these are attached documents at the end of the 'job advert'), but also that you understand the information you need include for the application process.

You need to ensure that your application includes thorough descriptions of your experience, with examples. Therefore, if for example, the person specification indicates that experience of using computer equipment is essential, you will be expected to give examples of when and what systems you have used. Merely stating 'I have experience of using computer systems' will not be sufficient.

In order to avoid discrimination, the Company uses the information you include in your application form in three parts:

Part 1 - contains personal information, such as name and contact details. Personal details will not be shared with the recruitment panel until after the application assessment has taken place, reflecting our fair and transparent recruitment and selection practices.

Part 2 - contains your employment history, experience and qualifications. This is the only section provided to the recruitment panel for the application assessment stage.

Part 3 - contains criminal record information. The recruitment panel will only see this information if the applicant is progressed to the next stage of the selection process.